As per the information received Urs ( 368th death anniversary of Mughal emperor Shahjahan) is being commemorated three days from February 17 to 19, 2023.


During the occasion, the tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz will also be opened for the pilgrims and tourists.

During this February 17 & 18 ( free entry to Taj Mahal after 2 pm ) and February 19 ( free full day) this year.
As per the information received on February 17, the ceremony of 'Ghusl' (full-body purification mandatory before the performance of various rituals and prayers) will start at 2pm.

On February 18, the ceremonies of 'Sandal' and 'Milad Sharif' will be observed. On February 19, the rituals of 'Kul' (reciting the four foundational chapters of the Quran) and 'chadar poshi' (offering a cover) will be observed from morning till evening.
A chadar measuring 1,450 metres will be offered to emperor Shah Jahan's tomb on the occasion of Urs this year. Later, a langar will be served in the forecourt.

Sources in the Archaeological Survey of India said the items that will be prohibited inside the Taj Mahal on those three days include cigarette, beedi, matchbox, gutkha, tobacco, pan masala, any type of flag, banner, poster, book, drum bigger than 36 inches, bands, screwdrivers, lighters, firearms, knives among other items.

For more details & confirmation please contact-
Archaeological survey of India office,
22, Mall road, Agra.
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