Kheria Tiranga Chowk

The spirit of patriotism is embedded in the heart of every Indian with the immense desire to serve the country in various ways.

No indian wants to leave any opportunity to show deep love and respect towards the Tricolor therefore it is saluted in all national festivals and special programs around the world.

The same spirit of patriotism is seen in the people of Ajit Nagar Market in Agra.

Their every morning begins with the glow of the Tricolor and the scent of patriotism .Amid bustling traffic, members of Ajit Nagar Bazaar committee gather at Tiranga chowl< to hoist the Indian National Flag at exact 10 am which has remained a daily ritual for these businessmen since 26th January 2018, who open their shops only after they sing the National Anthem.

At the hoisting ceremony, the siren settles at 9:45 am.Then the guest of honour of the day is welcomed at the selfie point at 9:55 while the patriotic songs are played in the background. Then the second siren settles at 9:57 lasting for 17 seconds.

Eventually the people gather and the flag hoisting starts at exactly 10:00 am followed by the National Anthem.

The special feature of this program is that everyday, a new chief guest is invited here to hoist the tricolor. Also, most importantly it is the only place in the whole of India where hoisting of National Anthem is done on a daily basis.

A visitor's book is maintained by the market committee inwhich the chief guests give their

comments/thought/feedback about the event.

All honorable people belonging to Governmental organizations , NGO's and other social workers , who are Indian citizens may hoist the flag.For the same such dignitaries are contacted and requested by the bazaar committee.

Now popular as ‘selfie-point’, the chowk echoes with National Anthem as all the businessmen and onlookers chime-in to respect the Indian flag. Ajit Nagar Bazaar committee has been ritually hoisting and lowering the national flag every day, following the guidelines given inthe flag code of India. The chowk at which this ceremony is conducted has also become a popular spot among visitors, where they take ‘selfies’ and get firsthand experience of unity and brotherhood, India has fostered through ages.

The Ajit Nagar Bazar Committee appeals to all the Indians to participate in this flag hoisting program in the maximum number to salute and pay respect to the tricolor and to celebrate the feeling of oneness and patriotism.

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