Day View

Beauty of Taj Mahal during Day

The Taj Mahal shows a different aspect of beauty at different times of the day.The sight of the Taj awash with the subtle pinks of dawn is an unforgettable sight. Sunsets stain the Taj an exotic shade of orange. But nothing beats the poignant beauty of the Taj seen when the cool white marble is bathed in the soft silver light of the moon. Even in the bright light of the day, this wonder of the world shines with an awe-inspiring loveliness.

The Taj Mahal, for which even the course of the river Yamuna is said to have been diverted, can best be described in the words of the Noble Laurette Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore,

"A teardrop in the face of eternity."

"No wonder if millions of people chose it to be amongst the World’s top wonders."